Our Registered Dietitian is on-site every Tuesday and Thursday, during programs and available for one-on-one consultations. Our Registered Dietitian is here to answer any of your dietary or nutrition based questions. If you would like to set up an appointment, please call the Centre or fill out the form below. 


What is a Dietitian? 
A Registered Dietitian is an expert in food and nutrition! Their areas of expertise include nutrition, science, health and human development. Our SFRC Dietitian is here to help you:

  • Reach your specific health-related goals
  • Make changes to your eating habits in order to lead and maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Offer nutrition support throughout all stages of pregnancy and postpartum period

What is the difference between a Nutritionist and a Registered Dietitian?

  • nutritionist might not have any official training. The term ‘Nutritionist’ is not controlled and may be used by anyone in a health-related position. 
  • A Dietitian must have completed a 4-year university degree and 1-year internship. The title “Registered Dietitian” is protected by law.
  • To ensure you are receiving credible information when looking online, seek out information from someone with the title Dietitian or RD (Registered Dietitian) clearly stated

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