Breastfeeding Support Group

A mother-to mother interactive group with a focus on current information and areas of concern as well as peer support and an abundance of encouragement! Whether you are an experienced, expecting, or new mother, all are welcome. This group will be uniquely tailored to the group participants and their areas of concern, interests, and ideas. Lactation Consultants will be available on select dates to offer professional group and individual support (upon request).

Childcare is provided.

Special Delivery Club

Special Delivery Club is a bi-weekly group to give all moms-to-be help, care, and support during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a time to gather lots of information,  enjoy and discover the changes you will experience. This Prenatal drop-in session covers a variety of topics, such as:
-Weight gain  during pregnancy
-Preparing for labor 
-Exercise in  pregnancy
-Nutrition during pregnancy

This group is facilitated by our outreach workers and a registered dietitian.
Childcare is provided. 

Rock & Rattle (Ages 0-6 Months)

Rock and Rattle is always a fun time for parents and baby; a time when parents can learn about how baby is developing and can ask questions. We encourage all families with children in this age group to come in and connect. Topics include: 
– Infant Feeding
– Milestones 
– Development
– Baby Care, healthy attachments and more!

Childcare is provided.


Discovery Zone (Ages 6-18 Months)

Bi-weekly group for you and your baby, six to eighteen months old. The early years of a child’s life are very important for their health and development. Healthy development means that children of all abilities, including those with special health care needs, are able to grow up where their social, emotional and educational needs are met. Having a safe and loving home and spending time with  family―playing, singing, reading, and talking―are very important. Proper nutrition, exercise, and rest also can make a big difference. We look forward to having you join us!

Childcare is provided.

Tick Tock Toddler Time (Ages 18-36 Months)

Biweekly group for you and your child aged 18 months to 3 years. When parents and caregivers talk, sing and read to and/or with their child, links among the child’s brain cells are strengthened and new cells and links are formed. The activities at Tick Tock Toddler Time support your child’s development in all areas and support you in this important task. Learn and practice interactive activities to support your child’s development.

Childcare is provided.

Preschool Learn and Play (Ages 3-5)

This is a free weekly group for 3-5 year olds with a parent or caregiver. Your child will work on skills they need in preparation for kindergarten. Preschool spots are reserved, please call to register. 204-346-0413.

Childcare is provided for younger siblings.

SPECIALTY GROUPS (Call to Register)

There’s a Dad For That

A 6 week series offered to fathers that aims to strengthen their positive parenting skills. The There’s a Dad For That series offers the chance to:
-Discuss parenting questions, concerns and ideas
-Share and discover positive ways of parenting
-Chat about real-life parenting solutions with other dads
Sign up required.

Contact us to inquire about the next session.
Childcare is provided.


Nobody’s Perfect Parenting

A 6 week series that helps you strengthen positive parenting skills.
-Discuss real-life parenting solutions.
-Share parenting questions, concerns and ideas.
-Discover positive ways of parenting
Sign up required. A certificate is gained on completion of this course.

Contact us to inquire about the next session.
Childcare is provided.

Coping With Change

A series of 5 sessions once a week. Many women anticipate feelings of happiness with the birth of their baby. New mothers are often surprised by other feelings such as fatigue, sadness, anger, inadequacy, fear or anxiety. It is normal to go through an adjustment period following childbirth – all new mothers experience an adjustment in their own way. 
The Coping with Change series helps mothers work through the emotional and lifestyle changes that occur after the birth of a baby. Participants learn how to cope with adjustments and recognize if more support is needed. 

Contact us to inquire about the next session.
Childcare is provided.

Kids in the Garden

Kids learn about gardening and plant their own mini gardens in this  mini summer program for ages 4-7 with a caregiver. Space is limited, contact us for more information.

Kids in the Kitchen

Are your kids always asking to help in the kitchen? Not sure how to introduce them to safe, healthy and fun ways to get involved? Kids in the Kitchen is a mini summer program for kids ages 6-12. Space is limited, contact us for more information.

Do you want to learn how to garden but aren’t sure where to start or don’t have your own greenspace? We have 12 garden boxes for families to grow a garden in each summer! Along with local gardeners, learn how to plant, grow and harvest produce that suits our Manitoba summers. A full family program, this is a great one to sign up for with your kids and get your hands dirty. 

Program runs from May-September. Space is limited, please contact us for more information or to register.